Permanent make-up correction

in Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset & Hampshire


When the permanent make-up goes wrong

Permanent make-up correction needs skill and expertise. Not all permanent make-up technicians have the same knowledge, dedication and passion that I have developed after years of my permanent make-up practice. It is not unusual for me to have unhappy women contacting me to correct their permanent make-up received by other technicians. I carry out colour and shape correction procedures for clients who for first treatment decided to choose a technician based on location or price.

I have many clients who need a correction after having permanent make-up with either eyeliners or eyebrows placed unsymmetrically,  or with low-quality inks used causing fading into bluish or purple colours. Usually, this kind of work has not been carried out to a high standard. Sometimes I also correct wrong pigment placement in the skin, when colour fades almost completely after the treatment.

Options available

 I can correct colour and shape, lighten, darken or improve on your original treatment in many cases. If the colour is undesirable, it may be possible to lighten it using specialist techniques and special colours and removers. However, not all the work can be corrected by me. If your permanent make-up is still very fresh, too dark, very uneven etc. I will advise you contact a laser professional. Please contact me to book a free of charge visit and I will advise you on the options available.

Professional advice

For me, it is very important to deliver the high standard semi-permanent make-up. Correcting someone else’s work can be a complex and expensive process. As a result of this, most clients end up paying more for corrections than having the treatment carried out correctly in the first place.  If you have had your permanent make-up done before and you are unhappy with the result  I can help you achieve the results you wanted from the beginning.   Prices for corrective treatments or colour touch-up on applications done by another technician will be given at consultation after assessment of existing shape and colour. Semi-permanent make-up colour correction usually takes 2-4 sessions 4 weeks apart.