PMU Removal

in Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset & Hampshire


in Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset & Hampshire


permanent makeup tattoo removal Bournemouth

Permanent make -up is very popular nowadays and so many technicians perform it. Unfortunately, these services are on different levels of competence and experience. There  are more and more requests for permanent make-up correction and removal treatments. The most popular method to get rid of the unattractive or unwanted pigmentation is with the use of NG YAG laser with q-switch function. However laser treatment performed on the face, especially near the eyes is not always safe; and can be risky and expensive.

How can you safely have your permanent make-up removed?

We use the alternative route to remove the unwanted permanent make-up.  There is a special product on the market that allow us to safely repair any mistakes done by other technicians. It is an ideal alternative to laser and allow technician to  safely correct and lighten old or unwanted permanent make-up even on the eyelid and lips, which is rarely possible to be done with the use of laser.  The natural formulation does not cause allergic reactions and does not present a risk of scarring

Advantages of PMU Professional Remover:permanent makeup tattoo remover Bournemouth

  •  does not contain acids therefore can be used around the eyes ( acid could cause burning )
  • natural, mineral ingredients of the highest quality
  • results visible after 1 treatment
  • safety at work in sensitive areas (eyelids, red lips) and where laser cannot help
  • high efficiency and maximum security regardless of pigment colour (ideal for camouflage removal)
  • no black / yellow scabs during the healing process
  • the pigment is pushed out the body rather than inside like it happens with laser, when the pigment is kept in the liver or lymph nodes
  • possibility to perform treatment every 4 weeks
  • repair pigmentation can be done one month after the last brightening treatment
  • tested and registered throughout the EU
  • affordable and safe treatment

PMU removal home aftercare

After each treatment of removal  of unwanted permanent make-up you will be supplied with 100% organic healing cream, that works as an antiseptic to moisturize and soothe  sore areas. The special formula used in this product supports the healing process after permanent make-up removal. It is a perfect weapon when fighting herpes and effective care for dry, chapped lips but also safe around the sensitive area of the eye. You will be also equipped with the written aftercare advice.