Semi-Permanent EyelinerMakeup eyeliner

in Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset & Hampshire


Precise, smudge-free eyelid enhancement will:

eliminate that washed out look if you have fair, short or sparse lashes

enhance the colour and shape of your eyes by framing them

limit the time you need for daily eye make-up application

save you from having smudged line by the end of the day

help you if you have sensitive eyes or wearing contact lenses

stay in place for a long time

My customer’s eye enhancements

Eye permanent make-up

This procedure is so special because it allows creating the most precise line that will last! Permanent make-up eyeliner is smudge-free even after exercising, swimming, and everyday activities!  It is an effective, long-lasting alternative to the daily application of eye make-up.

Bring out your eyes with our eyeliner and lashline enhancements which will give you the look you want. Getting eye make-up right can be tricky if you don’t know how to do it or you do not have time. My treatments will draw attention to your eyes, making them look bigger and more attractive. Your eyelashes will appear thicker and fuller to create beautifully defined eyes.

You no longer have to tolerate a washed-out look without eyeliner or smudged or uneven eyeliner. Most women find it difficult to apply their eyeliner the way they would like it and to have it stay on and look nice all day. Having an eyeliner enhancement procedure can save a great deal of time. You will wish you had it done many years ago. There are so many ways eyeliner /eyelash enhancement will benefit you and you’ll enjoy it.

Whether you want a precise line to be drawn on your eyelid that you are unable to draw yourself or you simply are in hurry to do it right, I can help.

Are you scared of pain? Or you think it is dangerous?

I use anaesthetic before and during the whole process to enable you to relax and not fee the pain. Your eyes are closed throughout the treatment so you will not see the procedure and the light above you. I hold firmly and stretch you eyelid skin so there is no risk of the needle getting near the eye at any time. Using the best equipment and pigment selection on the market guarantee that your eye enhancement will be applied precisely and last a long time. With LONG-TIME-LINER® Conture Make-up, your lashes will appear thicker and your eyes more defined with the application of fine, natural lines on your upper and lower lash line.

Permanent eyeliner options

Every eye can be enhanced therefore the variety of eye tattoos

I offer a range of eyeliner treatments that are designed to complement your natural beauty, preferences and style. Depending on the thickness, eyeliner can be softly emphasized or clearly defined. Eyeliner treatments are incredibly effective at drawing attention to the eyes and can be as subtle or dramatic as required. Knowing everyone has different eye colours and own individual preferences, I offer a range of styles and colours to suit your preferences. You can choose between black, brown,  and grey pigments.

Lashline enhancement

For those women who don’t wear much eyeliner, a nice way to enhance the eyes is to put colour right in the eyelash area which is an amazing ‘eye-opener’ which gives the appearance of thicker, darker and more defined eyelashes.  By applying soft, natural colour between your lash line you make them seem fuller. Eyelash enhancement is a perfect alternative for those who don`t feel comfortable with eyeliner make-up but who would like to subtly enhance the eyes without the use of make-up.  The effect created is similar to using mascara but without smudging or running.

Eyeliner enhancement

A soft line can be placed on the top or bottom eyelids to enhance the eyes. Eyeliner is applied just above and between the lash line and can be fine or voluminous as the client requires.  You have a choice of a few colours and effects from sharp and solid to shaded so you will find something which suits you. Every woman who wants her eyes to look less and unnoticeable without make-up can benefit from semi-permanent eyeliner.

Thick Latino eyeliner with a flick

The eyes can be further adorned with almond eyeliner, shaped to bring a deeper more seductive look. A more dramatic look with the bold black line that is enhanced with a dramatic flick draws the attention to your eyes. This type of eyeliner adds a touch of glamour to your everyday look. This is more decorative eye enhancement option that is applied to those who used to wear similar style eyeliner with a liquid or a pencil liner.

Shaded/ Smokey/ Ombre eyeliner

Shaded / Smokey eyeliner is used to create a soft shadow effect that will emphasize the colour of your eyes without making you look ‘made up’. To achieve the smokey eyeliner I use a shade to give depth to the eyeliner, and gradually shade it out from the corner to beautifully draw attention to your eyes giving them a seductive and sexy look.  With softened permanent eyeliner, the edges are lightened and blurry and it is similar to eyelid shadowing. Since smokey effects and eye shadowing are dilute concentrations with less pigment implanted to achieve the look, expect it to fade off faster (1-2 years). Endless combinations can be used. The ‘smokey eye look’ is ideal for those who don’t want anything too dramatic.

Pre-Treatment Question

Q: Will I need to remove my eye makeup before the treatment? A: It is required that eye make-up is removed for any eye treatment. However, please wear your usual make-up for the appointment so we can see your style.

Q: Should I bring my favourite eyeliner pencil? A: If you have a particular colour tone of eyeliner pencil/ powder that you would like to be used, please bring it with you to the treatment. This will enable the artist to see colour tones you use and feel comfortable with.

Q: I’ve had my lashes tinted/permed, can I still have an eye treatment? A: Any eyelash tinting or perming should be carried out at least one week before the treatment and two weeks after permanent make-up.

Treatment Questions

Q: What is the difference between eyeliner & eyelash enhancement? A: Eyeliner is more visible and is placed just above your eyelashes. It’s a popular treatment for those that wear eyeliner pencil daily. Eyelash enhancement is subtle. The pigment is deposited in between the eyelashes. This creates a look of fuller, thicker lashes.

Q: My eyes are sensitive. I’m worried about blinking and my eyes watering during the treatment. Is that a problem? A: This is a normal concern for first-time clients and nothing to worry about. We are used to clients having a similar reaction to this treatment. Moreover, once the treatment commences clients become more relaxed as they become used to the sensation and they receive the numbing gel.

Q: Will I need someone to drive me home after having an eye treatment? A: It’s possible that your eyes could be a little tired and watery after the treatment. We recommend that anyone having an eye treatment should ensure that they have someone to drive them home if it is possible.

Posst-Treatment Questions

Q: Will my eyeliner look very dark after the treatment? A: You should be prepared for the colour intensity to be significantly sharper and darker immediately after the treatment. The colour will become lighter as the skin heals. This process can take up to 7 days.

Q: Can I apply mascara after the treatment? A: You should wait until the treatment area has healed before applying make-up. If you have had an eye treatment. However, if you really must use mascara, a new mascara is recommended due to a possibility of contamination.

Q: Will my eyeliner be thicker immediately after treatment? A: Yes it is completely normal to see your eyeliner being thicker straight after the procedure. This happens because your eyelids are swollen. However once the swelling will calm and the area will heal the colour will subside and fade, giving a more natural looking result.