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Semi Permanent Eyebrows for Men

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Eyebrows are important equally for men and women.  more and more men nowadays pay closer attention to the look of their brows.  They sometimes choose simple grooming through waxing and plucking. But what if they do not have enough hairs or none of them due to alopecia.  Alopecia is an auto-immune disorder and condition affecting both men and women generally meaning sudden hair loss. Alopecia not only attacks the head hair follicles but the eyelashes and eyebrows too. Hair loss have severe effects on quality of life and emotional health through its impact on confidence and self-esteem.

How can permanent make-up help?

Permanent make-up is a perfect solution to restore the appearance of eyebrows and eyelashes.  At Blush we offer semi permanent make-up male eyebrow reconstruction treatment.  Our 3D eyebrow technique is one of the most sophisticated techniques of semi-permanent eyebrows, which allows me to create very natural eyebrows. I use this technique to recreate missing hairs or add hairs in these areas where the eyebrow is sparse or with no hairs. The proper mix of colours and my special technique enables me to create the 3D effect of the eyebrow.

The results are natural looking,  hair-like strokes, regardless of the amount of hair present with a gently arched shape without strong outline lines.  If you are not familiar with permanent make-up you will not even notice that permanent eyebrows were even applied.

A natural 3D effect that helps to:

make your eyebrows more defined

correct symmetry if your eyebrows are uneven

create a natural look

enhance the facial balance

fill in the gaps  if your eyebrows are sparse

create missing tail if your eyebrows are too short

create the missing arch

add hairs on the front of an eyebrow  if they start too far back

recreate all missing hairs due to alopecia, chemotherapy, overplucking or ageing process

create a long-lasting solution

Permanent eyebrow procedure

The eyebrow procedure takes about 2 hours for the first treatment and 1 hour for a touch-up appointment.

I will advise you the best-suited colour that will compliment your skin and hair colour; having in mind you may want to change your existing hair colour in the near future.

I discuss the eyebrow shape, thickness and arch preferences and you can be assured that the eyebrow I create is not solely based on the latest fashion trends but is individually chosen to suit you and your own face and own features.

I work on any eyebrows shapes and no matter how many eyebrow hairs you have got.  I never use any form of eyebrow stencils having in mind that every face shape is different and unique.  With the selection of specially chosen needle size, long-lasting pigments in a variety of natural colours and the best Long-Time-Liner® equipment on the market I guarantee you precision, perfection and realistic look of hair strokes.