Carolina had a passion for health and beauty since young age. She decided to study Psychology and later HR. However her path went different way and one year before completion her second  master’s degree at Bournemouth University, she trained as a permanent makeup artist. It was years after she had her first permanent makeup done and fell in love with the procedures and the way it make people more confident with the way they look.  She is the founder of Caroline Permanent Makeup and the owner of studio Blush in Bournemouth. She was one of the first ones to offer Permanent Makeup Treatments in Dorset area with over 13 years experience, and now highly specialized in all techniques of Permanent Makeup. Through many years of work experience, thousands successful procedures and fourty professional training certificates she has become one of the best permanent makeup artists for Bournemouth area constantly improving her skills from the best masters  in UK/Europe and Worldwide.  She still has an endless passion and the commitment to maintain the highest standards of treatments. Her aim is to help both women and men become more beautiful, more confident and feel better about how they look.

With an incredibly keen eye for detail and perfectionism she can create beautiful results. Her work  you can see on photos speaks for itself; and photos speak a thousand words.  She is specialised in enhancing her clients’ natural beauty with permanent cosmetic giving  eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip color better yet still natural look especially when it comes to eyebrows. She is known for a super natural and realistic eyebrow techniques used on her clients.


Having it done right for the first time is very important as when it comes to permanent makeup it is eassier to add the colour than to remove it. With her experience she knows exactly how to work with any type of skin texture and colour. She is also asked to correct works completed in other studios. Therefore if you have had your permanent makeup done before she is happy to help.  Just send her a clear image of your prevoius work she will give you an honest advice on what can be imroved and corrected.

My professional training include all possible permanent makeup techniques such as eyebrow realistic and 3D hairstroke, microblading, ombre powder brows; eyeliner shading with smoky eye, classic liner; lips 3D, blush aquarelle withour lipliners,  lipstic, liplight and quick lips technique. I also do permanent makeup removals, corrections, freckles, beauty spots and camouflage.

If you would like to book a consultation with her please contact a number or email shown below and she will be happy to help.

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