Caroline is the founder of Caroline Permanent Makeup and the owner of  her studio Blush in Bournemouth. She has worked in the semi permanent makeup/ micropigmentation since 2009 constantly learning from the best  masters worldwide. Now she is an expert with over 40 certifiates under her belt and thouands succesfully completed procedures. Caroline still has an endless passion and the commitment to maintain the highest standards of treatments. Her aim is to help  both women and men become more beautiful, more confident and feel better about how they look.https://carolinepermanentmakeup.com/about-permanent-makeup/

Permanent makeup is an art and every permanent makeup technician has their own personal style, taste and perception of beauty. With her artistic eye Caroline knows areas of the face that will look better improved  with mircopigmentation and never tries to convince someone to a procedure that will not improve clients look. She also uses rather conservative approach for the first time clients  as it is easier to add more color, but it is not so easy to remove color.

Caroline is also asked to correct enhancements that were completed in other studios. Therefore do not hesitate if you have had your permanent makeup done before she is happy to help.  If you send her a clear image of your prevoius pigmentation she will give you an honest advice on what can be imroved and corrected. She has often clients requiring a correction after having permanent makeup done by poorly trained technicians either using low quality pigments fading into green or bluish or purple colors or wrong pigment placement in the skin so it does not last as long ah it supposed to.

If you would like to book a consultation with her please contact a number or email shown below and she will be happy to help.

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