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Semi Permanent Eyebrows

 in Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset & Hampshire& Hampshire

Well balanced eyebrows give framing to your eyes and play a vital role in bringing balance to the entire face. Eyebrows can be uneven or sparse as a result of repeated plucking in the past and semi permanent make-up is the perfect solution. Semi permanent make-up is a cosmetic procedure that once applied will enhance your facial features and can make the most dramatic difference to the basic symmetry and enhancement of the face.  It also can make you looking years younger and youthful without the surgery; it can really be an instant eye lift! With a recent fashion for bolder and more defined eyebrows anyone desiring fullness or definition to their eyebrows will benefit from permanent eyebrows. Now you don`t have to use the brow pencil every day that is time consuming and will simply not last throught the day. With semi permanent make-up  you can  wake up every morning having beautifully created and shaped brows that will not wash off or smudge. Semi permanent make-up is a long term solution that will create a better yet still natural looking eyebrow which best suits your face shape and a colour which best compliments your hair and skin colour.

With semi permanent make-up we can improve anyone’s eyebrows. Main concerns include:

  • half of brow missing mainly in the tail area; too short brows
  • droopy brows or missing arch making you look sad and older; outer part needs lifting
  • uneven brows lacking symmetry
  • too small brows ; brows starting too far back with hairs missing on the front of an eyebrow
  • too thin brows due to overplucking or ageing process
  • no brow hairs due to alopecia, chemotherapy or overplucking
  • very sparse  brows due to againg or overplucking

Our Semi Permanent Eyebrow Options

Depending on how you would your eyebrows to look like we have a few options available that will help to create perfect eyebrows that will suit your own style and preferences. We will advise you the best suited colour that will compliment your skin and hair colour; having in mind you may want to change your exisiting hair colour in the near future.  We discuss the eyebrow shape, thickness and arch preferences and you can be assured that the eyebrow we create is not solely based on the latest fashion trends but is individually chosen to suit you and your own face and own features. We work on any eyebrows shapes and no matter how many eyebrow hairs you have got.  We never use any form of eyebrow stensils having in mind that every face shape is different and unique. At Caroline Permanent Makeup, we specialize in the art of the most natural and realistic looking eyebrows created with our 3d hairstoke technique. With the selection of specially chosen needle size, long lasting pigments in a variety of natural colours and the best Long-Time-Liner® equipment on the market we guarantee you  precision, perfection and realistic look of hairstrokes. We also create subtle shading technique or a mixture of two techniques combined together.

3d Hairstoke Effect Eyebrows

 We use this technique to recreate missing hairs or add hairs in these areas where the eyebrow is sparse. Great for those who have little or no hairs or anyone wanting a very natural result. The results are natural looking, hair-like strokes, regardless of the amount of hair present.

Powder Shaded Effect Eyebrows

To create a powder effect on eyebrows we use delicate shading for a more defined eyebrow look that is still natural and subtle. This option is great for those who would like to achieve more make-up look but without eyebrows looking to bold or heavy. If you are looking for more bold effect it can also be achieved with this method.

3D Effect Combination Eyebrow

This technique will combine two techniques described above into one. It means we first apply natural and realisticly looking hairstokes and then follow with sublte shading of these areas that need a bit more definition and accentuation. It is my favouire technique to create three dimensional effect on the eyebrow.

Eyebrow Microblading

Also known as Embroidery, Feathering or Japanese method, based on a  technique using a hand instrument with needles to implant the  pigments to create very fine, delicate eyebrow hair strokes that can be hardly distinguished from real hair.  The color is implanted closer to the surface, and therefore the strokes appear crisp and very fine.  We combine this method with haistroke technique ensuring the hairstokes will last longer

Procedure Process Step by Step

Consultation (15 min)

Your consultation is the first and very important part of the process if you consider permanent make up. During the consultation we discuss your expectations and requirements of the permanent make up treatment, to establish the most realistic choice suited to you individually so you can be satisfied before commencing treatment.

During the Consultation:

  • Take your time to explain what you would like and expect from the treatment and ask questions.
  •  I will talk to you and realistically explain and show, with photos, what can be achieved with permanent make-up.
  • Have a good idea of  realistic expectations.
  • You will be asked to read through the medical form to check whether you are suitable for the treatment.
  • The procedure will be explained.
  • You will receive the before and after treatment advice and instructions to take home with you.
  • The Patch Test will be performed for allergies. Therefore consultation should take place at least 24 hours before the treatment.
  • Wear your normal make-up and bring your eyebrow pencils as it will give me an idea of your prefered look.
  • Your eyebrow shape will be penciled and showed to you, so then we can start discussion on your shape and colour preferences.

    Treatment (2 – 2.5 hours):

  • I will ask you  to fill out some standard forms for permanent make-up industry.

  • A series of photographs are taken before procedure takes place.

  • You will be adviced the best colour and the best shape chosen for you individually.

  • Shaping stage is crucial and therefore I spend as much time as needed to create the look that you will love. I take into consideration your facial features and face shape and discuss with you your preferences regarding shape.
  • Measurements are taken to ensure symmetry and balance of the face.
  • Using brow pencils and/or powder  I will  create eyebrow  look which is unique for you, this will allow you to visualize how the permanent make-up will look and ensures the finished result is exactly like you want and will give you an idea of the outcome result.
  • Only when you are completely satisfied with the design it will be used as the template for your procedure.
  • I may pluck some eyebrow hairs that are outside the recommended shape after you approve one.
  • I never shave off the eyebrows completely.
  • I never remove or pluck all of the eyebrows` hairs completely.
  • You acknowledge color/pigment/ shape selection for the permanent make up treatment.
  • Anaesthetic gel is applied before and  through out the procedure delivering maximum comfort at all times.
  • The selected pigments are implanted into the skin by tiny needles using the equipment with respect of the safety and hygiene rules.
  • For most if not all, this is not a painful procedure, you will feel vibrations on the skin from the needle not discomfort.
  • I do understand if you may need a little break during the treatment
  •  I spend about an hour on the actual treatment, but this can at times be slightly longer depending on your requirements.
  • Be prepared for the color intensity to be significantly larger, brighter and darker for the first few days, than what is expected for the final outcome.  This is perfectly normal due to the colour fading once they have healed, which takes up to 7 days.
  • After the traetment aftercare will be explained to you  again.
  • You will receive an aftercare cream to take home with you.
  • After the procedure a series of photographs are taken to document the treatment. You can now view your before and after photos to see the difference permanent make-up has made for you.
  • You can go back to your normal activities including work immediately after the treatment (with the exception involving hard physical work or intense  physical exercise such as weight lifting)
  • There may be some reddness and swelling of the pigmented area for the first few hours.
  • The pigmentation will take a week to heal and the colour fully settle in about four weeks time after the treatment. Then is a time to schedule your touch up appointment.

Touch up (1 hour)

You are asked to come back for one touch-up visit before it can be determined that your eyebrow work is complete. Touch-up visits are scheduled between four weeks up to 3 months after your treatment.

This is a great opportunity to analyse your eyebrows once healed. Reason for the duration in between the treatment is to ensure your skin has fully healed before treating the same area once again. Your colour choice may also be changed as I often recommend lighter colour for a first treatment due to a golden rule saying that it is easier to make eyebrows looking darker but not always possible to lighten eyebrows.  After your touch up, this completes your whole eyebrow treatment procedure.


Important aftercare instructions will be explained to you to ensure you take care of the treated areas for the following 7 days. You will also be given an aftercare leaflet and cream to be applied for 7 days.

Immediately after the treatment expect slight swelling and/or redness for 1-2 days following the procedure.

Remember For 7 days following application of permanent make up:

Avoid on the pigmented area: water, soap, facial cleanser, make-up, Retin-A, Glycolic Acids, Peroxide, chlorine pools, salty water, sun exposure, Jacuzzi’s, sauna or steamy, long showers.

Do not have any other cosmetic treatments such as facials, skin peels, laser ect within the first 4 weeks

Don’t pick, peel or scratch the treated area

Keep lightly moisture with cream provided for 7 days twice a day.

Wash with water and pat dry.

Do not dye or tweeze eyebrows one week after procedure!

Avoid swimming, sun beds and sun bathing until the newly treated area is fully healed, as direct sunlight/chlorine can interact with pigments causing skin irritation and inflammation.

Avoid unnecessary rubbing, scratching or picking of the treated site while it is healing to reduce the risk of introducing infection.

Always wash and dry your hands before and after handling a newly treated site!

Do not use skin products on the treated area that have not been recommended by your practitioner or are not intended for open wound healing.

Continue this regime until the procedure area has completely healed

After healing, sun block must be applied on all permanent make-up procedure sites to prevent fading.

In the event that you would have any laser or IPL treatments in the area of your permanent cosmetics, please inform thephysician/technician that you have permanent makeup and to avoid the areas. Laser or IPL can discolor permanent makeup and cause it to darken.

PLEASE NOTE: Permanent makeup procedures are affected by the canvas (your skin) that they are performed on. If your skin is sun damaged (even from tanning beds), thick and uneven in texture, or excessively dry or oily the result cannot be expected to be perfect. Scars on the lips from fever blisters cause pigment removal. Lifestyle, medications, smoking, metabolism, facial surgery, and age of skin all contribute to fading. Touch-ups can be performed 30 days after your initial procedure to ensure the best result and to to ensure your permanent cosmetic enhancement is complete and long lasting. Your procedure maintenance, as outlined in your post procedure directions, is very important.


  • It is advisable to use a high SPF to protect your enhancement and keep the colour vibrant.
  • Long term – In warmer climates, keep your brow area covered with a hat and or large sun glasses
  • Avoid exfoliation on the treatment area.

  • Strong sun, skin peels, exfoliation, AHA, retin-A creams will all contribute to the colour fading quickly.

  • An annual colour refresh treatment will be needed to ensure the stunning results remain fresh and long lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Treatment Questions

Q: Should I bring my brow pencil? A: Yes, bringing your favourite eyebrow pencils or powders can be useful to see what colour tones you have been using for your brows.

Q: Do you do hairstrokes or block brows? A: We specialise in natural and realistic permanent make-up. For brows, this means we can create natural brow hair strokes regardless of amount of your onw hair present.  However we also can produce a more defined look with a powder technique if you wish your eyebrows to look like covered with make-up. We will work to achieve the individual eyebrow style for you.

Q: Can I have my brows waxed prior a brow treatment? A: Yes, any waxing can be performed at least 48 hours before the treatment. However  it is not essential as we like to work with all your natural hairs. And if there is a need to remove any hairs I pluck them on the day of the treatment.

Q: Can I have electrolysis on my brows, then have a brow treatment?  A: You should wait a minimum of five days between having electrolysis and permanent make-up for eyebrows.

During Treatment Questions

Q: Do I have to have all my eyebrow hairs removed? A: No. We prefer you to keep your own eyebrow hairs – do not even pluck them before you come in as we like to work within your natural shape if possible and with whatever brow hairs you have. It’s a common myth that brow hairs need to be shaved off for permanent make-up treatments. We only remove all the hairs around the eyebrow template that we will be working with so our work is clean and tidy as possible.

Q: What if I no longer have eyebrow hair? A: No or very little eyebrow hair  is very common and also one of the main reasons why permanent make up is the perfect remedy for you. Hair simulation is a technique used, which will give you natural and realisticly looking hair strokes.

Q: What are 3D brows? A: This is another name used in the industry, which is also known as ‘three dimensional hair simulation’. A technique used to mimic your own natural hair and its direction, which give the brows a more textured result. A few shades or added shading can be used to achieve this look.

Q: What if I am not happy with the colour chosen? A: During your first treatment, the pigment that we use may be lighter as we like to add gthe colour on the second treatment.  Then after 4 weeks, this colour can be perfected on your second visit.

Q: Are any unwanted hairs removed during treatment? A: Brow hairs that grow outside your natural brow shape and the pencil template  will be removed during treatment. This will create a more defined and more tidy result.

Post-Treatment Questions

Q: Will my brows look very dark after the treatment? A: You should be prepared for the colour intensity to be significantly brighter and darker immediately after the treatment. This will  become lighter as the skin heals which takes usually up to 7 days.

Q: What else can I to expect after my brow treatment? A: Expect your eyebrows to look darker than normal immediately after your treatment for a few days later. The pigment will fade after eyebrows heal after 7 days. You may also notice some dry patches during healing process. Using the cream provided will help to soothe and moisturize the skin and the patches will fall off a few days later.

Q: Do my Eyebrows become sore during healing process? A: No, they may be slightly itchy which is a natural sign in any healing process; the cream will help soothe this itching.

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