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permanent makeup correctionPermanent & semi permanent makeup correction in Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset & Hampshire

It is not uncommon to have women contacting me to correct their permanent makeup undertaken by other technicians elsewhere. I have more and more clients requiring a correction after having permanent makeup done by poorly trained permanent makeup technicians either using low quality pigments fading into bluish or purple colors or wrong pigment placement in the skin so it does not last as long as it supposed to. Usually the work has not been carried out to a high standard. I am able to advise and perform the correction of permanent make-up.

 If you have had your permanent makeup done elsewhere and are unhappy with the result please contact me. However not all the work can be corrected by me. If your permanent make up is still very fresh, too dark, uneven etc. it may not be corrected by me, I will suggest you consult laser practitioners. If the colour is incorrect or undesirable, it may be possible to lighten it using specialist techniques and special pigment colors.

Prices for corrective treatments or color touch-up on applications done by another technician will be given at consultation after assessment of existing shape and colour.

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