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Price List

Treatment type                                                Price List

Consultation with patch test                                                   FREE

Beauty Spot                                                                                 £50

Touch-up when included in treatment price                     FREE

Touch-up when paid separately                                            £60


                                                                              Without Touch-up              With Touch-up

3D Eyebrows with Hair Stroke                                  £230                                  £290

3D Eyebrows with Powdered Effect (ombre)         £230                                   £290

Eyebrows`Tail Extension                                           £130                                    £190

EYE ENHANCEMENT                      

                                                                             Without Touch-up               With Touch-up

Upper or Lower Eyelash Enhancement                   £130                                  £190

Top or Bottom Eyeliner                                               £190                                 £250

Top and Bottom Eyeliner                                            £270                                 £330

Thick Eyeliner (with or without flicks)                    £230                                  £290

LIP ENHANCEMENT                               

                                                                                Without Touch-up            With Touch-up

Lip Liner (Used to enhance the contour)                 £190                                    £250

Lip Blush (Lip liner blended with shading)             £240                                   £300

Full Lip Tint (incl lip light to create a fuller pout)   £290                                   £350

MAINTENANCE ( for applications done by another technician the price will be given after the assessment of existing shape and colour)

Touch-up up to 6 months                                               £90

Touch-up up to 12 months                                            £140

Touch-up up to 18 months                                            £170

Touch-up up to 24 months                                            £190

Sensitivity test

A patch sensitivity test may be required for customers who had not have permanent make-up done before at least 24 hours prior to the treatment.


If you decide to continue with the permanent make-up treatment you agree to pay a deposit of 30% of the treatment price to secure an appointment. The deposit is accounted towards your treatment price.


Permanent make-up fades over time. You should expect to come back for a maintenance refresher visit approximately every 12 – 18 months for eyebrows.


You accept that any late booking cancellations (less than 48 hours) for your treatment create a financial loss for me, so accordingly you lose your deposit


I accept most major credit cards. I accept payments by debit, credit cards or cash, cheques are not accepted. There is a surcharge on all card payments of £2 for up to £100 payment and £4 for payment above £100. The prices listed for permanent make-up procedures include VAT and are subject to change at any time unless you have had the appointment booked ahead of time.

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