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About permanent & semi permanent makeup in Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset & Hampshire

I am the founder of Caroline Permanent Makeup and the owner of Blush Beauty Lounge. I am an expert in my industry and recognised and licensed Long-Time-Liner lingerist in Bournemouth with 7 years’ experience in Semi-Permanent Makeup.

Being a Permanent Makeup Technician is a lot more than just having a qualification in a profession. It is a passion for the work and the experience gained over years. With an extensive background as a Beauty Therapist and Makeup Artist, I have obtained my License at Long Time Liner in Poland in 2015. I have an endless passion for what I do and the commitment to maintaining the highest standards of treatments. I have trained in Poland, UK, and US and licensed by Long Time Liner, the company that achieves the awards for highest quality standards for 25 years in natural pigmentation for Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lips and for PMU technicians training.

Since I have had a permanent makeup myself 10 years ago I became an absolute fan of Semi-Permanent Makeup and all its benefits. My main aim is to help women become more beautiful. Permanent makeup is an art and every permanent makeup technician has their own personal style, taste and perception of beauty. Every woman has individual features and expectations from the permanent makeup artist, and both should reach the compromise of which look suits woman best. I try to find the areas of the facial features that can be improved.  I never try to convince someone to choose a procedure if I don’t think it would benefit and improve their look. I also use rather conservative approach for the client having permanent makeup done for the first time as it is easier to add more color, but it is not so easy to remove color.

I treat all each client individually and spend as much time as needed with them on planning, drawing, and choosing the perfect shape and color that to compliment skin tone and enhance their natural beauty.  My existing clients who originally had their permanent makeup done somewhere else before said that they noticed difference in quality of my work. I combine experience and qualification in the field of micropigmentation as well as artistic eye and attention to detail. However not only the extensive knowledge of aesthetics and permanent makeup, but also the highest quality equipment and pigments, help me to achieve the best results.

Assessing and correcting any asymmetry of a client face is vital in permanent makeup to create a harmony of facial features. It is not uncommon to have clients asking me to correct their permanent makeup. I have more and more clients requiring a correction after having permanent makeup done elsewhere by poorly trained permanent makeup technicians either using low quality pigments fading into bluish or purple colors or wrong pigment placement in the skin so it does not last as long as it supposed to.

If you would like to book a free of charge consultation with me please contact me on a number or email show below.