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About the technician

 Meet the Technician

Karolina J.Podlewska

I am the founder of Caroline Permanent Makeup and the owner of Blush Beauty Lounge in Bournemouth. I have worked in the beauty industry for almost a decade while gaining more and more professional training and adding more services to my service list.

Now I am an expert in my industry and technician with over 8 years’ experience in permanent make-up. I am licensed by Long-Time-Liner the most reputable and awarded permanent make-up brand and training school.

Qualifications and Training

With an extensive background as a Beauty Therapist and Makeup Artist, I received my first permanent make-up training with reputable LCN where I have learnt eyebrows, eyeliner and lips micropigmentation. Below you will find the list of all of my beauty and permanent make-up qualifications:

  • 2008 Qualification as a beauty therapist
  • 2009 LCN Beauty Concepts qualifications as a permanent make-up artist
  • 2009 LCN Beauty Concepts lip perfecting workshop
  • 2010 Lash Perfect qualification in individual eyelash extensions
  • 2013 Mesovytal microneedling qualification
  •  2014  eyebrow microblading training
  • 2014 Lady Beauty skin peels and dermaroller workshop
  • 2015 Advanced 3D eyebrow masterclass in realistic permanent makeup techniques
  • 2015 LCN Beauty Concepts two-colour eyeliner workshop
  • 2015 LCN Beauty Concepts hair stroke eyebrow workshop
  • 2015 Long Time Liner intensive training and license
  • 2015 Merc-Med needle mesotherapy qualification
  • 2015 3d Volume eyelash extensions training
  • 2016 Advanced 3d lip shading masterclass
  • 2016 LVL Eyelash List Qualification
  • 2016 Merc-Med dermal filler masterclass
  • 3D  Loretta Russian volume eyelash extensions masterclass
  • 2017 Merc-Med advanced dermal filler masterclass
  • 2017  Advanced shaded/smoky eyeliner masterclass

Throughout the years I have had observed and learned from some of the industry’s best practitioners, and very talented artists which gave me the inspiration to perfect my skills and constantly train in permanent make-up which I do until now.

My Profession and my Passion

Being a permanent make-up technician is a lot more than just having a qualification in a profession. It is a passion for the work and the experience gained over years. I have an endless passion for what I do and the commitment to maintain the highest standards of treatments.

When I first heard about permanent make-up, I realised that there is a real alternative to the conventional, topical make-up treatments. The best about it is that this investment is long-lasting and leaves you with more self-confidence. Since I have had a permanent make-up for the first time myself 10

About the technician

years ago I became an absolute fan of Semi-Permanent Make-up and all its benefits.

Therefore my main aim is to help women become more beautiful, more confident and feel better about how they can look. Permanent make-up is an art and every permanent make-up technician has their own personal style, taste and perception of beauty. Also, every customer has individual features and expectations from the permanent make-up artist. That is why they both should try to reach the compromise of which look suits customers best. I always easily find the areas of the facial features that can be improved.  However, I never try to convince someone to choose a procedure if I don’t think it would benefit and improve their look.

 My  permanent make-up

I treat all each client individually and spend as much time as needed on planning, drawing, and choosing the perfect shape and colour to enhance natural beauty.  This work without a doubt requires a great deal of trust. My existing clients who originally had their permanent makeup done somewhere else before said that they noticed the difference in the quality of my work.

I combine experience in the field of permanent make-up as well as artistic eye and attention to detail. However, not only the extensive knowledge but also Long-Time-Liner®  the highest quality equipment and pigments, help me to achieve the best results possible.

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